5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Christchurch 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Christchurch
Christchurch sits on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The city promises coastal beauty, with ample outdoor opportunities ready for exploration. A... 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Christchurch

Christchurch sits on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The city promises coastal beauty, with ample outdoor opportunities ready for exploration. A vibrant city centre gives a glimpse into local culture and business. Christchurch offers its visitors plenty to do, so your only challenge will be narrowing down your options and designing an itinerary that works for your schedule. To simplify your research, consider these five things you shouldn’t do in Christchurch, as you prepare for your journey in your motorhome hire New Zealand.

  1. Spend Your Time Gambling

Christchurch offers can’t-miss scenery and ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and cultural engagement. The city is also home to the Christchurch Casino, located a few blocks from North Hagley Park. The allure of a casino might draw you in. After all, Christchurch Casino offers table games, slot machines, and poker, along with several restaurants and bars on site. However, the casino just isn’t the best way to spend your time when you’re in Christchurch. To start, casinos are accessible in many cities, so you aren’t truly engaging in local culture when you’re holed up in a casino gambling all day. Plus, despite the fun that may be had when you’re there, you also risk gambling some of those travel funds away, which can inhibit the other activities you enjoy when you’re in Christchurch. So, spend your time elsewhere and save your cash for another activity in the city.

  1. Overlook Local Markets

Finding time to fit everything into your visit to Christchurch might prove challenging, especially if you’re only in town for a day or two. However, if you fail to stop by one or more of the city’s local markets, you’ll miss the opportunity to truly absorb local culture. Most markets are open on Saturdays, with some open on Fridays and Sundays as well. So, if you’re in town for the weekend, don’t make the mistake of skipping the markets. Saturday’s Christchurch Farmers Market sets up on the historic grounds of the Riccarton House, offering a scenic spot to stroll, shop, and sample. You’ll find plenty of local food vendors on site, where you can pick up food to return to your motorhome hire New Zealand, or you might opt to eat right on site. Other spots worth checking out include the Lyttelton Farmers Market, Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, and the Ohaka Farmers Market. Don’t overlook these markets, which offer local flavor, during your visit to Christchurch.

  1. Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral was once one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Then, in February 2011, Christchurch was hit by a deadly 6.3-magnitude earthquake that damaged much of this once-popular cathedral. Eight years later, the city is still working to rebuild many of the damaged or destroyed buildings, including Christchurch Cathedral. So, this church is not ready for visitors and isn’t worth a stop during your road trip to Christchurch. In fact, you might see many unrepaired buildings throughout the city, as redevelopment after the earthquake has been a major undertaking. So, keep that in mind as you design an itinerary for your visit.

  1. Bus Tours

Several bus tours of Christchurch are available, but they come at a cost. If you’re travelling on a budget and want to save money, opt for a self-guided walking tour of Christchurch instead. Your only choice will be what path you want to take. You might opt to tour the city centre, taking in the culture of Christchurch city life. Stroll through nearby Hagley Park. Alternatively, the city is also home to several paths perfect for exploring the natural beauty of the area. Victoria Park in the Port Hills has several bush walks available, and you’ll take in some spectacular views. Coastal and waterway walks are also accessible in the area. Take in ocean, harbour, and city views as you stroll along the Taylors Mistake/Godley Head trail. This 7-kilometre walk takes about 3 hours round trip, and you can explore some historic military buildings along the way.

  1. Overlook the Beaches

When you think of Christchurch, you might not immediately envision yourself relaxing on the beach there. However, the city’s coastal location makes a beach day within reach during your visit. Visiting nearby beaches shouldn’t be overlooked. A beach day is low cost, if not free, and it allows you to take in the area’s coastal scenery. You have several options when planning a beach day in Christchurch. Check out Sumner Beach, Taylors Mistake, or Hickory Bay.

Getting the most of out your visit to Christchurch depends on how well you design your itinerary, maximise your time and budget your money. With these tips, you can traverse through Christchurch in your motorhome hire New Zealand, focusing on the must-see attractions in the area. Let these tips serve as a guide as you design an itinerary that aligns with your interests and goals.

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