Most Loved Swiss dishes Most Loved Swiss dishes
Food still remains a universal commodity no matter where you travel. It is always in demand but at times in short supply. Most importantly,... Most Loved Swiss dishes

Food still remains a universal commodity no matter where you travel. It is always in demand but at times in short supply. Most importantly, it offers a platform over which you can bond. Every culture has its own traditional customs when it comes to eating habits. Switzerland is no exception. However, Switzerland’s case is a bit special. A lot of its food is a manipulation of neighbouring countries ranging from the German, Italian, French and a bit of influence from Romans regions. Switzerland has four different types of populations with each having its own foods and recipes. Each region has its own specialty foods which is well-known even abroad. This article provides you with an overview of some of the most loved Swiss dishes.

Rsti is a common Swiss dish which consists mainly of potatoes. In its simple form, it resembles hash browns. However, it becomes a totally different food in its sophisticated forms. The best examples include Rsti with onions and Rsti with fried eggs. Another popular form is Rsti with cheese which is a treasure to many people. The cheese can be melted over potatoes or just served together in its original form. Indeed, this is a dish consumed in almost all the Swiss-German regions. Potatoes are also grown in these regions to an extent. Rsti originated in the rural settings as a breakfast dish.

Fondue is certainly one of the most loved Swiss dishes. It is a form of cheese which is cooked and melted using white wine. It can contain garlic and is eaten together with slices of bread which is dipped in the creamy cheese. Bread and melted cheese is a very delicious combination. Indeed, Fondue will bring people together. They will all eat together from a caquelon- a container used in cooking the food and keep it warm. This dish is mostly common in the Swiss-French areas of Switzerland.

Raclette is also a cheese-based dish. It is actually hot cheese that is served over potatoes. It was originally produced in Valais- an area where German and French are the common languages. The cheese is melted in little pans and accompanied with small cucumbers, boiled potatoes and pearl onions. Just like Fondue, it brings people together. This dish is consumed in almost all parts of Switzerland since it’s very easy to prepare and doesn’t require much time.

Polenta is another dish you would enjoy while in the Italian-speaking areas of Switzerland. It is made from corn flour which is cooked for quite a while. It’s served either with cheese, fried eggs, mushroom, and milk or if you choose to spend more, you can serve it with meat cooked for long and tasty as well. It’s popularly referred to as “brasato” Polenta. It was a poor plate formerly eaten by those living in Ticino and Grisons valleys-two Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland. People who lived in these valleys grew only few plants. Nonetheless, Polenta has developed into a more fashionable dish consumed almost everywhere especially, when served either with meat known as “brasato” or mushrooms.

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