Motorhome Rental Costs In New Zealand Motorhome Rental Costs In New Zealand
When you’re planning a road trip through New Zealand, you need a reliable, safe, and spacious ride for your journey. A motorhome rental is... Motorhome Rental Costs In New Zealand

When you’re planning a road trip through New Zealand, you need a reliable, safe, and spacious ride for your journey. A motorhome rental is a practical solution for a road trip; it serves as both your transportation and your accommodations for your vacation. In New Zealand, you’re sure to find a cheap campervan hire that suits your needs. Understanding the costs of motorhome rentals and the different types of vehicles available will help you accurately budget for your campervan hire. Use this guide as you prepare for a road trip through New Zealand.

Types of Motorhomes

The cost of your campervan hire depends, in large part, on the type of vehicle you select. Think about the must-have features for your cheap campervan hire and those that aren’t as important. So, first understand the different features of motorhomes, which will impact your costs:

  • Space: Motorhomes that can accommodate more passengers will be more spacious and, as a result, cost more. So, consider how many people you’ll be travelling with and book a campervan hire that’s the right size for your group. For instance, consider how many beds you’ll need in the campervan so that everyone has a spot to call home during your journey.
  • Amenities: Every traveller’s amenities will differ. Some travellers desire a fully stocked kitchen so that they can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their campervan hire. Others plan to dine out and don’t need such amenities. So, create a ranked list of amenities that suit your travel needs. Focus only on those must-haves to keep your rental costs lower.

Daily Rates

Once you’ve identified the right size motorhome and amenities for your needs, you can begin your search for a New Zealand campervan. Many campervan hire companies rent their vehicles by the day. So, simply multiplying this daily fee by the length of your journey will give you your initial upfront costs. At first glance, daily rates for a campervan hire in New Zealand can seem very low, ranging from as little as $15 or $25 a day. However, that figure doesn’t always include everything you might need for your trip, so consider that initial rate as a starting point as you build a campervan hire that works for you. Other charges may be tacked onto your campervan hire rate and may include the following:

  • Additional fees for bedding and pillows
  • GPS rental, if you don’t plan on using your smartphone
  • Insurance excess fees, which may be applied to the daily rate

Some rental companies offer all-inclusive daily rates, which may initially seem higher, but once you tack on the extra fees to the a la carte-style companies, you might see comparable rates. Realistically, you can expect to pay at least $50 to $100 a night for a campervan hire. Rates can vary throughout the year, so consider these factors when you book:

  • Length of rental: Rental companies will offer discounts for longer rentals. For example, the daily rate on a monthly rental will often by lower than the rate on a weekly rental.
  • Time of year: If you travel during less popular tourist seasons, you’ll enjoy lower rates as well. Conversely, if you’re road tripping during busy holidays, campervan hire companies can raise their rates.

Additional Expenses

When you’re selecting a campervan hire, you want to consider costs that may fall outside of the daily rental rate. First, inquire about insurance requirements for you to drive through New Zealand. Some rental companies may require you to purchase additional temporary insurance, or your current auto insurance may apply for your campervan hire. Next, don’t forget about fuel costs. You’ll be on the hook for all fuel expenses throughout your journey, so ask about what gas mileage the motorhome gets, calculate how many miles you will travel, research current gas rates, and do the math.

In addition, you will need somewhere to park your campervan hire every night. Fortunately, New Zealand is home to plenty of holiday parks and campgrounds. Holiday parks are full-service parks that typically offer both powered and non-powered sites. Here, you can enjoy amenities like shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Holiday parks charge by the night, and rates vary depending on your location, the duration of your visit, and the time of year.

Campgrounds are another option, and many campsites also charge a nightly fee. You can find campsites in both national and regional parks. Typically, campground costs are going to be lower than holiday park costs, but the campground will offer fewer amenities as well. So, don’t forget to consider these fees when budgeting for your road trip in a campervan.


It’s essential to consider a variety of factors when shopping for a cheap campervan hire in New Zealand. Factors ranging from the size of the campervan to the length of your rental play a role in the nightly rate. Be sure to consider all expenses when calculating your total costs so that you can secure a campervan hire that fits into your budget.

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