The Benefits of Car Sharing The Benefits of Car Sharing
This new and innovative way to hire a car is sweeping the nation, and it has benefits for everyone. The hirer simply searches for... The Benefits of Car Sharing

This new and innovative way to hire a car is sweeping the nation, and it has benefits for everyone. The hirer simply searches for a suitable vehicle from the online database, then makes a request to the owner of the car, collects the keys, and they are away. This car sharing system uses a website to manage the system, and with car owners who register their vehicles for hire, the hirer makes direct contact, and providing the correct protocol is followed, everyone is happy.

The Car Owner

Your car is a great asset, always there when you need it, but what about the times you are not in need of the vehicle? If you rent your car to registered hirers, you are receiving a regular supplementary income, and the money is automatically transferred into your bank account. Once you have registered, simply wait for a person who needs a car to contact you, and from then you both make an arrangement that is suitable for both parties. The car owner makes the decision when the vehicle is available, and for how long, so the car is only being used when the owner doesn’t require it. This is a great way to make extra money by allowing responsible drivers to rent the vehicle, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The Car Hirer

If you are looking to hire a car in your area, and you are registered with HiyaCar, simply search for the type of vehicle you require, make contact with the owner, then arrange to meet and exchange the keys. The rental fee is automatically transferred to the owner’s bank account, which is very convenient for both parties. Signing up is easy, and once you have been approved, there are hundreds of vehicles of all shapes and sizes waiting to be hired on a long or short term basis.

The System

Peer to Peer car sharing is popular because it is so beneficial to both parties, and with careful vetting on both sides, you can be confident that the person who is using your vehicle is responsible, and with fully comprehensive insurance, you have total peace of mind. The vehicles are all in good working order, and the owners are very flexible, so if you need a special car for an hour or two, it can easily be arranged.

Vehicle Database

The system works as all the available cars are logged into the website database, and the easy to use interface means that in just 3 simple steps, you can locate the car of your choice, and then make direct contact with the owner. Once the details have been agreed, the hirer meets the owner, and after a quick inspection of the vehicle, the keys are exchanged, and you are on your way. More and more car owners are registering, which means there is an extensive range of vehicles available.

Car sharing is so popular because everyone benefits from the arrangement, and with a solid online system, the process is smooth and convenient.

Ruben Alford

Ruben Alford

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