Tips To Remember When Renting Cars Tips To Remember When Renting Cars
Travel planning always includes getting a rental car for your trip. And if you are not too careful while booking this car, you may... Tips To Remember When Renting Cars

Travel planning always includes getting a rental car for your trip. And if you are not too careful while booking this car, you may end up spending way too much on something that is easily available at cheap rates. Rental cars are easy to book but getting them at a good price is an art that you must learn about. Here are some ways that will help you save money on your rental car.

1) Pre-booking

Always pre-book your rental car. After landing, traveling straight to a car rental company and demanding a car will prove to be very costly. At such a short notice, you’ll be forced to accept whatever deal the company offers you. Pre-booking would result in you selecting the best and most suitable deal ahead of time.

2) Don’t get a rental car at the airport

Never rent a car at the Airport. It is a universal fact that rental cars are expensive at airports. Renting through your hotel is more advisable. Since you are getting a room at their hotel, they offer good deals to you as an incentive.

3) Watch out for the hidden charges

Sometimes rental car companies charge hidden fees and extra charges. Always be aware of these charges. Sometimes a car rental deal may seem very appealing but don’t hurry into booking it. After additional charges, the deal won’t be as good as it seems. So ask the company of all charges prior to the booking.

4) Discuss fuel arrangements

Make sure that you discuss the fuel arrangement prior to the booking. Never ever buy the gas from a rental company. If they give you a car with full tank, they’ll expect it to be full when you return it. And if it is not, they might charge an outrageous amount for it. To be on the safe side, just get the tank filled before returning it.

5) Special offers and promotions

Always be on the look-out for special offers and promotions. Ask different air travel businesses to notify you of new deals and offers.

6) Be flexible

Restricting yourself to a specific date means that you won’t have much choice. Be flexible in your dates. It is advisable that when you are searching for a deal, also search a few days before and after your specified date. There is chance that you would find a better deal on a different date.

7) Size does matter

A smaller car means less rent. A bigger car means more rent. Who cares what sized car you travel in? You are on vacations and the level of joy won’t reduce with the size of your car.

8) Longer hours, less price

Even if you want the car for a few hours in a day, book it for a longer time. This can substantially reduce your price. More hours automatically means less rent.

9) Take a snapshot of your rented car

This might sound silly but always take a picture of the car before driving off on it. There have been many complaints of extra charges for dents and scratches that you did not cause. A picture is proof to dents and scratches that are already on the car.

10) Online Booking

Online booking is always cheaper and easier. Many air travel businesses offer discounts on rental cars if you book them online. Fareoair is the best online booking site.

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